Welcome to Herefordshire Centre for Community-led Housing.

We are a small team based at various locations within the county, working to support the development of community-led housing within Herefordshire by local community groups.

We are here to help your group get up and running, get the information and knowledge you need, make it easy for you to work with key organisations (such as the local council) and access project funding

What is community-led housing?

Community-led housing is usually a small development of homes designed, built, owned and controlled by a group of local people who came together to do just this.

It’s all about local people identifying and tackling housing needs in their area, knowing that the homes they create will be there for ever for the benefit of the community they live in.

At the end of the day, it’s all about long-term quality of life for communities.

Why Community led housing?

When communities and future residents are involved from the beginning with housing development and management, their input and long term interest helps create more sustainable and affordable places for everyone.
Some of the benefits of community led housing:

  • Increased diversity of new housing built alongside or in partnershop with private developers and housing associations.
  • Potentially greater supply of new housing as a community taking the lead in a new scheme may lead to building on sites that would otherwise be undevelopable.
  • Housing development is specifically targeted to local need - for example older people wishing to downsize but remain within their community, or keeping younger folk in the comunity by giving them access to a home they would otherwise be unable to afford.
  • Communities gain stability with residents who have a vested interest in remaining in their area long term.
  • There are many examples of successful projects which have led to residents gaining confidence to address other needs within the community such as providing affordable power via community owned renewable energy generation schemes.

Why now?

The changes in planning law such as the advent of Neighbourhood development plans can make it easier for local communities to have a say in the housing which is built in their area.
The current government has pledged over 540 million pounds for the creating of community led housing to be spent by 2020 We can help you access some of that funding to meet your community housing needs. Contact us to get started.