HCCLH was formed in 2017 as a steering group with the aim of addressing the housing crisis in Herefordshire. The group has worked hard to secure funding from the community housing fund to employ a project development officer. Nancy Winfield is now in post and will help local CLH groups as well as promote newly available funding and resources. She brings a wide range of experience working with communities on projects including community led housing and energy conservation.

The Steering group is working in partnership with Herefordshire Council and currently developing strategic links with other relevant organisations in order to enable community led housing in every way they can.

Members of the Steering group have brought expertise in variety of areas within housing development but we are always grateful for additional input from anyone with experience from relevant professions such as law, planning, community housing development and business management.
If you would like to help please get in touch.

HCCLH is supported by Herefordshire Council and Welcome To Our Future, with funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government’s Community Housing Fund.